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Tasty Nibbles Canned Chilli Tuna, 185g

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  • Delighting the discerning tuna lovers is what Tasty Nibbles keeps doing. For that, we have created another unique flavour with the hot and potent punch of chilly.
  • This makes your Tasty Nibbles Light Meat Canned Tuna, a high quality, delicious and healthy staple seafood made from meticulously selected fresh wild-caught tuna, even more enjoyable.
  • The cleaned, cooked, and Ready-to-Eat light meat tuna comes with a distinct aroma and taste
  • Tuna as flakes is easy to use.
  • Sunflower oil with chilli adds punch to the taste.
  • Highly nutritious with a rich presence of Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.


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